Work at Axoft
The problem we solve

The billions of signals in our nervous system function as a code – informing our thoughts, actions, and sensations.

Unlocking this code has the power to transform lives through medical innovation...

Requiring a brain-machine interface that will reliably communicate with many neurons over time.

Unfortunately, the rigid implants of today cannot achieve this without damaging the brain or the integrity of the neural signals collected.

This demands a resilient implant as malleable as the brain tissues which surround it — meet Axoft.

Modernizing rigid and archaic implants with a bioinspired and scalable technology

Bioinspired Material
  • Malleability and resilience
  • Long-term stability
  • Improved neural regeneration
  • Seamless integration with brain tissues
Adaptable Technology
  • Comprehensive Bioelectronic system
  • Customization and versatility
  • Compatible with existing microfabrication processes
Precise Neural Insights
  • Ultra-high bandwidth
  • Reliable data collection
  • Single-neuron communication
  • Interpretive computational software
  • Enhanced patient outcomes

Unlocking access to neural code with a comprehensive Bioelectronic System

Implant Material, mimicking the soft tissues of the brain - far exceeding malleability and resilience of conventional implant materials.

Signal Processing Electronics, for amplification, compression and wireless transmission.

Surgical Implantation Tools, providing the precise insertion and navigation of implant into soft tissue.

Decoding Software, to interpret neural signals, reduce computational burden and power consumption.

Providing unparalleled access to neural code...

for improved therapeutics, patients outcomes, and enhancements in human function previously unimagined.

We are redefining health.